EWR to BOM-Flights @ Indianeagle

MAYA NAGRI- MUMBAI “Aamchi Mumbai (our Mumbai)” That’s what people learn as soon as they breathe in the air of Mumbai. Mumbai is a mega-city driven by wealth, glamour, power, and fame attracting people with dreams and aspirations. Contrastingly it is also a city with strong historical links, wonderful British architecture, museums and above all… Continue reading EWR to BOM-Flights @ Indianeagle

The Not So Friendly Skys

The apprehension of boarding an airplane today is well founded. Practically every one associates the fear of flying with a foreboding sense that the plane will actually crash. They may have a valid point; because now, most of the commercial airlines have eliminated two engines on their aircraft. This, for the sake of cutting fuel… Continue reading The Not So Friendly Skys