Yoga Travel in Weird Times of Pandemic

One could say that the frequent flyer mileage collector I am, ought to experience traveling during the weird times of global public health circumstances. Times that send various layers of stakeholders (Ministries, Airlines, Health official, transport officials, etc) into one of the most chaotic situations ever. In fact, I do agree on the experience of traveling under weird circumstances is unique, with airline agents disguised as astronauts and airports set up as temporary migration centers equipped with Public health Units and doctors’ offices.

Sc-fi is reality, planes are empty, masks, gloves, Crew members with plexiglasses and non-woven cover-ups abound, airport lounges and gates deserted like ghosts towns and silence replaced, crowd pacing. Securing connections between rare flights, pre-flight administrative paperwork, an unpleasant Swab test like scrubbing of my stomach is included in the package! Anyway, I am here, with a 24hrs credit of journeying via Seoul, instead of 7 hrs as Bangkok is a no go zone and, no one would marry me for just a spouse visa! Travel in time of pandemic requires nerves of steel, resilience, patience, understanding of the law of nature, and the true nature of reality that nothing is permanent and reality is an illusion. I wouldn’t advise anyone else to travel. Not that it is unsafe, rather that it is in no way what it used to be. However, on another note, there is a sort of intangible peer support and crowd gathering support for that courageous or brave enough to travel in those new circumstances and that manifests in various forms of sharing information, useful tips on how to gather essential travel kits (insurance, masks, gloves, administration and other new normal items). People talk more to each other than before and cattle services were replaced by more careful scrutiny of documentation and request. I found absolutely no hurdles once all required documentation was in place. It was adventurous, new, curious, and weird to walk by empty gates and boarding tunnels!

The Cambodian government has set up an outstanding system that not only contains the virus spread but keeps the economy moving, albeit slowly.

The fact that my visa validity extends till 23rd October 2020, means a lot to me.

I traveled with my beautiful cup signed by Pierce Brosnan , and some plates in case I had to stay in quarantine for 14 days.

Peace, Light, Love, and Resilience to all

May All be Free from Suffering

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